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Not resolved

I went to discuss getting Invisalign for straighter teeth.I told Dr.

Sokolina that I wanted my teeth to drastically improve. She told me I can get Express Invisalign which is $3500, or full Invisalign which was $5500. I told her if Express would work to drastically improve my teeth that I would do that since $5500 is a big jump in price. She said it would work, so we had molds taken of my teeth and sent them to the Invisalign company.

After getting them back Invisalign stated I was Not a good candidate for Express. The Doctor told me she can make me a good candidate and I told her as long as I get the drastic results I was looking for then okay. She said I would be happy. Well I got express and after my sessions were done I was not happy with the outcome.

Yes they were better but not a drastic improvement as I told her I wanted. She told me I can do another 10 for $500, and I agreed. After the final 10 treatments I was still unhappy with the outcome. I told her it was both my fault as well as her's for putting faith in the Express treatment.

I then spoke with her billing lady and she had put me in the spotlight. I told her I wasn't happy with the final outcome and she questioned if I was a perfectionist or something. I told her "what is wrong with wanting to look my best, especially after spending so much money." I also told her I wanted my canines shortened since they looked to aggressive and she stated I look like Edward the Vampire, and that's not a bad thing. "Why would I want to look like a vampire?" I wrote a letter expressing how I was treated and what type of compromise we can reach, but I got a letter back stating basically I got what I paid for.

Now I have to look around for another dentist because my teeth are still crooked :(. Regardless of the Free whitening kit I got, and the extra mold I had made instead of using a retainer, she still made a nice profit.

Sorry But I don't recommend this place.Great customer service is more than a friendly smile, its giving the customer exactly what they are looking for.

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